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Delivering for Big Ideas Wales

I really enjoyed delivering a session last week to a group of young people linked to the Big Ideas Wales programme. It was on self awareness and the benefit of a positive mindset - how 'knowing yourself' can help give you an edge as an entrepreneur. Having worked with...

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Your Leadership : Your Future Bookings

I'm pleased to announce that we are now accepting bookings for the Autumn 2021 Your Leadership : Your Future programme! We have designed a practical, challenging and supportive onlineprogramme that allows you to really understand the journey from where you are...

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Successful behaviours that drive performance

I am really enjoying reading Performance – The Secrets of Successful Behaviour by Robin Stuart-Kotze. Based on the fact that it is behaviour that drives performance and not personality. That behaviour is the actions you take and the decisions you make. You can control...

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Do you have to know best as a leader?

Most articles you read talk about the complexity and fast changing pace of the environment in which we work. That change is constant with the need to move quickly to sustain our organisations and to be able to grow. This requires a lot from a leader and from our...

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The benefits of having a sounding board

In both professional and personal development, people see the benefit of talking to someone external. As one person said to me, "you don’t understand something fully until you can actually talk it through with someone else". Having someone who will ask challenging...

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