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My Approach to Coaching

My approach to coaching

My approach to coaching is one that recognises the uniqueness of an individual, and understands that we all learn, develop and address opportunities and issues in different ways. It’s important to remember that although there may be some commonalities in the goals that we set, and perhaps the challenges that we face – the path to those goals, and the solutions to those challenges, will always be as unique as the individual or business themselves. I therefore pride myself on the ability to find what works for you, while building trust and collaboration in our relationship from the outset.

Combining my people and communication skills, alongside my sales and marketing background I bring a collaborative and supportive approach to my coaching, with an underlying focus on performance that encourages accountability and subtly challenges you to reach higher. I use a variety of coaching techniques to achieve this, but most importantly I listen to what you need and want, before empowering you to succeed.

My Vision & Values


My Vision

My vision is simple – I want to make a difference. Ensuring that I deliver a high quality service, that enables individuals and businesses to gain an outcome which makes a positive difference to their lives.

My Values

My values are very important to me and I take them into both my personal and professional life. These values are fundamental to my coaching and underpin each of my working relationships.

> Honesty and integrity – being authentic, reliable and accountable at all times
> Care and respect – treating all people with the individual care and respect that they deserve
> Collaboration – working together to support people and organisations to grow and be successful
> Clarity and Focus – supporting others to gain clarity and seeing past their current situation and beyond to fully appreciate and achieve their potential.