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My vision as a professional coach

At the end of 2019 I finished an exciting secondment in change management working for a large charity group who help to transform the lives of young people and adults across the UK. I then had the luxury of a few months break to decide where I went next with my career.

I had the time to review my skills and experience and what I am really passionate about. Alongside this I wanted to take my many years’ experience of working with and managing a wide range of people as well as my commercial experience into my future.  My roles across my career had mainly been in organisations that make a difference to people’s lives and this has always been really important to me.

When reflecting back on those 25 years, I was able to identify some common themes that had arisen on many occasions, and I began to think about how my own skills and experiences could help people in similar situations. I had observed:

  • A wide range of managers and leaders, and lots of good inspirational leadership. But also some not so good, and the resulting impact that this had on people and organisational growth.
  • People setting and going for their goals, while many others wished they had done so and had so much more potential to give.
  • What drove different people, how they adapted to different situations and what brought personal as well as organisational success.
  • People stating that they were stuck in roles and not sure what to do to move forward in their current organisation, or to change career, whilst others gained promotion or embarked on new careers.
  • People held back by a lack of confidence, communication skills or an adverse reaction to change, whilst others flourished.
  • Managers with the potential to grow to become a great leader but not investing in how to get there.
  • Businesses stagnating because of no clear vision and goals for the future, or through poor people management, whilst others grew.
  • People with great business ideas, but lacking the support to turn them into reality

In addition to these observations, I’d also experienced many of my own personal wins and pitfalls. And so, coupled with my desire to help people, and organisations, to grow – I started on what felt like a natural progression into coaching. 

I had informally coached and mentored a number of people over the years and it had been a real pleasure to see colleagues grow and develop and take on new roles both in and outside of the organisations in which I have worked.

So earlier this year, I took the next step to study for and qualify as a professional coach, by achieving the ILM Level 7 qualification in executive coaching. Alongside this during the spring and summer I have been coaching a number of people whilst planning the start of my own business. 

I have given so much thought to where I could make the biggest impact and support both people and businesses. This has led me to focus on three areas of coaching – leadership and executive coaching, small business coaching and career coaching. My background in running small businesses as well as being in senior leadership teams has taught me a lot over the years. It has also taught me where having a coach can make a big difference.

My coaching to date has been extremely interesting and has proved how having external support and challenge can really help people to develop and grow and to move towards their own goals and the goals of their organisation. I have found that people are often held back by their own outdated beliefs, and yet through coaching they can address and overcome these barriers because everyone has the potential for success.

My vision is simple – I want to make a difference.