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Isn’t coaching just for people who are struggling with their performance, not for successful people?

This is something that I was asked recently and something that I think is a common misconception.

Coaching is used in a variety of ways, by a diverse range of people – including those who are already successful. In many cases, organisations utilise coaching to enable good performers to get even better.

Coaching works best for people who want to achieve even more or who may feel “stuck” in certain areas of performance or behaviour. It is often used to support good performers who are facing difficult challenges, and managers or leaders moving into new roles with greater responsibility.

The goal of coaching is to help people realise their potential. Everyone has the ability to improve, and coaching can help bring about that change. Providing coaching for your managers and your top talent to expand their capabilities and reach further is powerful and rewarding and demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to the person.

It is a great way to keep that talent engaged and loyal to your organisation.