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How much do you know about Action Learning Sets, and the benefits to your organisation?

Having just completed my facilitator training for delivering Action Learning Sets, I’ve been reflecting back on my own career and have recognised just how beneficial it would have been to of used this approach more often.

Action Learning Sets really do offer something different. They are a practical way of bringing your colleagues together when facing real problems or situations, with the goal of getting a positive outcome for the individual, team and organisation. They offer a many to one group coaching process of learning and reflection, where people feel heard and have new insights that will move them forward. This results in a much greater development of both the individual’s, and the team’s, problem solving and decision making capabilities.

On the occasions throughout my career that I did take part in this approach it really was a positive learning process, where colleagues supported each other to move forward problems, issues, ideas and projects that they had not been able to do so on their own or with their current thinking. The part I most like about Action Learning is that it challenges the status quo and can create new thinking to help people to act and react differently. Enhancing business performance.

I am looking forward to using my facilitation skills to support more organisations in this way over the coming months.