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Visible Leadership and Communication

A key theme that has come out of my coaching sessions over the last week has been communication and getting it right. Leaders who I am working with are concerned that they are engaging with their staff in the right way and want to ensure that they are communicating well and listening to their teams during a very difficult period of time.

As a leader they are wanting to be authentic and to maintain the trust of their employees.

The key areas of communication that the leaders and managers I am supporting are wanting to take forward are:-

  1. Making communication the top priority
  2. Being open, honest and transparent as much as they can
  3. Giving their staff even more opportunity to put forward ideas, concerns, questions and opinions and to have these answered in good time
  4. Ensuring that messages are clear and concise and that they are being understood
  5. Delivering communication that is very regular even if there is not always a lot to say

Having a visible leader and hearing from them on a regular basis even if there is not always a lot to say in my experience is so important.