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Do you have to know best as a leader?

Most articles you read talk about the complexity and fast changing pace of the environment in which we work. That change is constant with the need to move quickly to sustain our organisations and to be able to grow.

This requires a lot from a leader and from our teams. As a leader we must recognise that we cannot have all the answers. This is also not in the best long term interest of the organisation or our teams.

Having a coaching leadership approach where you develop your people for the future will support the development of a high performance culture. The leader supports and guides rather than instructs so that the team grows and develops their thinking and approaches. This creates an environment where learning and development is welcomed.

Collaboration is an important characteristic of a coaching approach. One where the leader does not instruct or tell but uses their coaching skills to help their team to develop their own mindset, behaviours and skills. Asking questions instead of providing answers.

On our online Your Leadership : Your Future leadership development programme we will support you to develop the key coaching skills required to lead effectively.

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