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Supporting leaders to coach their teams

Over recent coaching sessions the managers and leaders that I am working with have been talking about wanting to be able to coach their own team members and the benefits of creating more of a coaching culture. They see it as a really strong way of being able to develop people and to help to bring a wide range of new ideas to current often complex areas of work. They have genuine interest for the development of their teams but some are reluctant to take a coaching approach and feel that they do not have the confidence to do this.

When we discuss this, and in particular what coaching in the moment is, clients often realise that they are already taking a coaching approach and have just not realised it or they feel that they do now want to try things out differently but need some support on how to do this.

Coaching in the moment is unlike scheduled meetings and happens when you spot an opportunity for a team member to be coached. A coaching approach can be taken into any conversation and be about anything. It is about becoming curious, hearing from others and helping them to overcome obstacles and achieve the desired results. Asking questions along with listening to the responses. Not feeling your need to rush in with your own advice or response to the situation.

Some of the key actions they are wanting to work on are:-

  1. To stop telling and selling
  2. To spot opportunities for coaching in the moment
  3. To create an environment where you can learn from each other
  4. To get curious – inviting perspective and ideas
  5. To focus positively on the now and the future
  6. To recognise that this approach can initially be uncomfortable – but to keep practicing