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Are you working on your resilience?

There is a lot written about resilience and how managing our own resilience is key. It is an active process and requires ‘working on’ so negative thinking does not take over. In the main for my clients they want to talk about resilience in terms of:- Dealing with the...

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How well do you know yourself?

Knowing who you are and what you stand for, are not only an important part of your personal development – but they’re also key characteristics that’ll help form the basis of your unique leadership style and approach.Feelings, beliefs and values are very important, yet...

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Is it time to take your business idea forward?

The uncertainty of 2020 has brought major difficulties to many small businesses but it has also brought opportunity to others. The opportunity to reflect on what you are doing and what your own purpose is moving forward. During this period, a good number of people...

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Supporting leaders to coach their teams

Over recent coaching sessions the managers and leaders that I am working with have been talking about wanting to be able to coach their own team members and the benefits of creating more of a coaching culture. They see it as a really strong way of being able to...

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